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Start shoot tomorrow!

Well after a truly great Tuesday and Wednesday – I hit earth today with a BANG!  What could go wrong did and it’s only now at nearlty 10:30 that I can stop and chill before the shoot tomorrow. It all

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Shooting in T minus 3 days and counting

This has been a very busy week – and it’s still only Tuesday!  So we shoot Tangerine Juice this weekend…the fabulous Tangerine cartons arrived yesterday – big thanks to Gaelle and Tom WooHoo! And Michael made all the boxes so

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Totally unprofessional

I know this is meant to be a film blog, but sometimes real life crosses over and needs commenting on… Last night, The Evil Empire (aka The New York Yankees) were eliminated from the playoffs by the Detroit Tigers WooHoo!

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National Film and Television School

What a dump this place is, just come back from my requisite Digital Shorts training (which was top notch by the way) – but the NFTS itself is a shit-hole! David and I (representing our short Tangerine Juice) met some

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