It feels like ages…

since I posted my last blog…sometimes one needs to skive – anyhoo have a rip off story to tell you about…except I’m not gonna write the whole thing – just gonna post my letter of complaint – hope you like it:

“Dear Sir or Madam

I am writing to complain about your website booking service and pricing policies. On April 4th 2007 I booked 2 tickets for the Fun Lovin’ Criminals at the Carling Academy Newcastle on July 19th. I booked online using my debit card and chose the “recommended” delivery method – ticketfast – which scandalously involves not only a £4.38 service charge but also a £2.25 delivery fee…FOR AN E-MAIL! Since when does it cost £2.25 to send an e-mail?

So that annoyed me – but not enough to make me complain to you…no it gets worse than that. Another friend asked if I would book tickets for her too as she doesn’t have a card. So when I went back online today to book a further two tickets my card was refused (because I already had a booking for this event on this card…nowhere on the booking pages of your website does it warn this will happen – or suggest trying another card – just to call the helpline. Which I did, which then really turns out to be another booking line, were not only do I have to pay all of the above charges again! But I also have to pay an extra 44p for the privilege of booking via telephone…which I hadn’t wanted to do in the first place! Oh and of course the cost of a national rate telephone call!!

It’s absolutely outrageous that I can’t use the same card twice to book tickets to the same event – what was the reason I was given by your call centre? Oh yes, it’s to stop ticket touts…who obviously run successful illegitimate operations by booking 2 tickets at a time! If anyone is the criminal here it’s you lot at TicketWeb who has conspired to lighten my wallet by £14.14 in charges on a £70.00 transaction – that’s a whopping 20.5% in charges – to receive 4 e-mailed tickets – WTF? I would appreciate a swift response to this letter – as I am seriously considering taking this matter further…it’s daylight robbery!

Yours faithfully”

Just another day in RIP OFF Britain – I can’t believe I just quoted The Sun!


I run a film production company in Gatesheed, UK. I have two boys and one American husband. I love NUFC, the Red Sox and Pats. I rant A LOT.

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