The Secret – by Charles Bukowski

don’t worry, nobody has the

beautiful lady, not really, and

nobody has the strange and

hidden power, nobody is

exceptional or wonderful or

magic, they only seem to be

it’s all a trick, an in, a con,

don’t buy it, don’t believe it.

the world is packed with

billions of people whose lives

and deaths are useless and

when one of these jumps up

and the light of history shines

upon them, forget it, it’s not

what it seems, it’s just

another act to fool the fools


there are no strong men, there

are no beautiful women.

at least, you can die knowing


and you will have

the only possible



I run a film production company in Gatesheed, UK. I have two boys and one American husband. I love NUFC, the Red Sox and Pats. I rant A LOT.

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